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Homeless to Activitst with Sarah Laurel

February 16, 2022 Maureen Ross Gemme Episode 57
Emerge. Evolve. Lead.
Homeless to Activitst with Sarah Laurel
Show Notes

My guest this week is Sarah Laurel, Born and raised in Philadelphia she founded a non profit organization called the Savage Sisters. Sarah got clean and sober and then she got to work and in just 4 short years has advocated for and helped many addicts, and Savage Sisters offer 5 sober living facilities for women. 

Since getting sober, Sarah has been reconnected with her two children, gotten married, opened five additional sober living facilities, and advocated for individuals in recovery statewide. She has also buried a partner, lost two best friends, and a cousin to overdoses and have been in trauma therapy to recover. She has positive hope for the future knowing the best is yet to come.

When Sarah was thrown out a window, her hip and leg were broken and she was cut out of a dress she was wearing that had the word “Savage” printed on it. She looked up that word while in the hospital and the definition was “ferocious” and she decided to be ferocious in chasing sobriety in equal measure to how she chased her drugs and the Savage Sisters name was born.  

Savage Sisters are looking for donations and you can give here:




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