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My Steps to Sobriety with Dr. Stephan Neff

March 09, 2022 Maureen Ross Gemme Episode 60
Emerge. Evolve. Lead.
My Steps to Sobriety with Dr. Stephan Neff
Show Notes

Stephan Neff is a doctor of anesthesiology, bestselling author of the book My Steps to Sobriety and hosts a podcast of the same name and has been in recovery since March 2013. Stephan is from Germany but now lives with his family in New Zealand.

After studying medicine in Heidelberg, Dr Neff travelled and worked in Europe and Australia before settling down with his family in beautiful New Zealand. As a retired pain physician, he developed a specific insight into human psychology. As a man trying to drown his sorrows, he found out the hard way that the critters can swim. 

Now he makes every day a little bit better than the last. Today Stephan is an expert in living a life so fantastic, that alcohol has simply no role to play. He shares this passion through his podcast and YouTube channel STEPS TO SOBRIETY - INTO THE LIGHT. In his book "Steps to Sobriety" he shares the lessons he has learned as a doctor and as a man. And the truth is simple - The past does not equal the future. Every addict can turn their life around, one little decision at a time. 


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